‘Encounters with Rikki’ by Julie Strauss Bettinger
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Miss Olive gives four paws up to this heartfelt and inspiring book selection for pet lovers.  “‎Encounters With Rikki” is the story of a Hurricane Katrina Rescue dog as told by the books author Julie Strauss Bettinger (www.juliebettinger.com). Rikki became an exceptional therapy dog with the amazing gift to heal trauma survivors. This enlightening, heartfelt book, which shows how the loving touch of a paw can be such a source of strength and healing, is available on Amazon.com and other online book stores.





‘Through a Dogs Ear’ by Lisa Spector

For music lovers, Lisa Spector, co-founder of “Through a Dogs Ear,” shares how music therapy is available for the prevention and treatment of canine and feline anxiety.   This cutting-edge, therapeutic music surrounds your home with beautifully effective sound. It is truly magical — Miss Olive, Francesca and. Coco love this (yes … even CoCo!!) and we especially love how it calms us! To learn more, please visit www.throughadogsear.com, and listen to some “pawsome” samples of music. You may even want to include this music in your pets disaster kit … keep it calm please!!!



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