Woof! Woof! Miss Olive wishes everyone a very “Happy Friday” and hopes that you have a “Hoppy Easter!” Please be sure to listen to The Doggy Diva Show this Saturday on:
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Hope you can join us! 🐾💕🐰🌷

This Week’s Pawesome Guests:
🐾 Monica Leighton : Pet Tip of the Week: Highlights from the St PETricks Day Festival in Venice, Fl. www.propetsitting.net.
🐾 GenosThanos: The Director of Public Relations at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing ‎shares the benefits of embracing office dogs and having a pet friendly work environment.www.valveandmeter.com
🐾 Bob Johnson: In his book “Where’s My Money” photographer/author Bob Johnson shares the story of a French Bulldog “Miss Vivienne ” who went from foster dog to coverdog.www.amazon.com.
🐾 Dr. Jennifer Summerfield: Veterinarian and Professional Dog Trainer Dr. Summerfield shares in her book “Train Your Dog Now!”‎ a step by step guide from basic commands to behavior fixes.www.simonandschuster.com.

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