dd_thundershirtIf your pet is “kaboom” sensitive (like me — Miss Olive) over those dreaded fireworks  on the Fourth of July — I hope that these pet safety recommendations will help pets and pet parents  enjoy a pet safe and happy Fourth of July

🐾 ‎it is best to leave your pets at home if you will be celebrating where there will be fireworks. Please believe me — your pets DO NOT enjoy those loud fireworks — kaboom — yikes!

🐾  Please remember that pets DO love a safe , cozy room with a comfy bed and healthy treats (yum!),  listening to soothing music, or watching their favorite  TV shows or videos (pet parents may just decide to stay home too — sounds sooo comfy, cozy — BOL! ‎) PLEASE  be sure that ALL  windows and doors are SECURELY locked — no escapees please.

🐾 If your pets become stressed at loud noises such as fireworks  ( ooohhh —  i’m thinkin there are a lot of Miss Olives out there! ) you may want to consider a Thundershirt (www.thundershirt.com) and/or natural stress relievers like Composure (www.vetriscience.com) or Rescue Remedy (www.rescueremedypet.com). If your pet has severe anxiety please contact your veterinarian to discuss medications.

🐾 It’s always best to be on the safe side – you never know if  your little Diva may want to do some partying on their own — so PLEASE  have your pets ID tags securely on your pets collars  with clearly printed  current contact information. Also — VERY IMPORTANT — please be sure your pet is microchipped with updated contact information.

🐾  The Fourth of July is the number one day for lost pets (www.lostpetprevention.com)  — so please prepare and prevent this from happening — On behalf of all those “kaboom sensitive ” pets like me —  Miss Olive  — PLEASE KEEP YOUR BELOVED PETS  CALM, SAFE AND SECURE AT HOME! ‎ ( thank you!!)

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