Miss Olive hopes you will consider supporting the A Voice for Lil Olive campaign to end puppy mills.

Now through March 7, at www.teespring.com, you can find six different types of shirts, plus coffee mugs and canvas bags bearing the “Speak for Those Who Have No Voice” message.

All profits from campaign sales go to funding the second half of filming of A Voice for Lil Olive. This documentary has the potential to bring an end to puppy mills in America, and to keep millions of animals from experiencing abuse, cruelty and neglect.

This campaign is so important to Miss Olive and we hope you will tune in this Saturday on the Doggy Diva Show when we get to interview Pam Horton — Lil Olive’s “dat mommy”!!!

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  1. Susan Smelser says:

    Lil Olive was and still is a messenger from God. I was ecstatic when I found her FB page, and thankfully Pam and Olive’s sissies still keep this page very entertaining and educational. I wish I had an overabundance of money, because your cause would be the recipient. Love you, Pam! You are beautiful and wonderful.