Dr. Cathy Alinovi and Susan Thixton

Dr. Cathy Alinovi is known as “America’s favorite holistic vet” as she empowers pet parents worldwide to choose i‎deal nutrition and holistic options for optimal pet health. She shares great information in her books including the popular “Dinner Pawsible” co-authored with Susan Thixton.







Margaret Mizushima

Margaret Mizushima is the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Series – debut novel “Killing Trail“, “Stalking Ground” and recent release “Hunting Hour.” The series features K-9 Deputy Mattie Cobb, her dog Robo and Cole Walker, DVM – who solve crimes that place animals and their humans in jeopardy. This is a great series for dog lovers and anyone who loves a good mystery.







517qqvekt1lMel Miskimen

Mel Miskimen is the author of “Sit, Stay, Heal” – a memoir about a daughter, a dad and the special dog “Seamus” who brought them together during a time of shared grief. This is a book that touches the hearts of dog lovers and reaches into the souls of those seeking to connect with loved ones they may have lost or those who may be struggling dealing with good-byes. Sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious – Sit, Stay, Heal – is about how in facing ones biggest fears – a dog may just be the one to help heal them.






13510851_1136977636340345_646039858513181666_nShannon Kopp

Miss Olive interviews Shannon Kopp a writer, animal advocate, eating disorder survivor and the author of the best selling memoir “Pound for Pound: A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back To Life.” Pound for Pound is essential reading for animal lovers and inspirational for those who have struggled to make change in their lives.



its_never_too_late_cover_480-250x312Julia Cameron

Bestselling author Julia Cameron has written over 40 books including the legendary best seller “The Artists Way” now brings us — “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond” — an indispensable companion guide for the reader who may be journeying into retirement or could possibly just be taking their next big leap in life. One of the topics Julia discusses is how important pets are to us all and how they bring happiness and purpose to those retiring — benefiting from their bonds with their pets. Julia also shares her own personal story of her pets — with the loss of her beloved dog — “Tiger Lily” and how her current dog “Lily” brings her such immeasurable joy.

“It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again” shows how retirement can be the most creative and gratifying stage of life yet.



Lauren Darr

Author Lauren Darr. Is the Founder of: International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. In Laurens book “Lipstick on a Pug” she shares her roots of being “plumb pug crazy” and of her fascination with pet fashion. This is a story about rescue, the love of a special dog and how pet fashion created an everlasting bond between Lauren and her first pug — Tuttie! Miss Olive looovves this book and Lauren!!! She gives “Lipstick on a Pug” — 4 paws up!!!

Her latest book, “Pet Fashion Industry Trends” is based on many years of observations of the pet fashion industry. It’s broken into four enlightening sections that provide valuable insights to those seeking an understanding of pet fashion industry developments. These sections include Pet Trends, Lifestyle Trends, Market Trends, and Micro Trends.


51E+24Dk2ELJulie Strauss Bettinger

Miss Olive gives four paws up to this heartfelt and inspiring book selection for pet lovers. “‎Encounters With Rikki” is the story of a Hurricane Katrina Rescue dog as told by the books author Julie Strauss Bettinger ( Rikki became an exceptional therapy dog with the amazing gift to heal trauma survivors. This enlightening, heartfelt book, which shows how the loving touch of a paw can be such a source of strength and healing, is available on and other online book stores.

Sparkle Abbey

Miss Olive is all a glitter that she is chatting with award winning authors – Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter ( also known as Sparkle Abbey) creators of one of Miss Olive’s Favorite Things – “The Pampered Pets Mystery Series”. Since Miss Olive completed the very first book in the series “Desperate Housedogs” through to the eighth and most recent release “Raiders‎ of the Lost Bark” she is truly an “all paws in” follower of the series pet loving amateur sleuths, Mel and Caro, as they explore adventures to find out “whodunit”.
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Linda Griener

Award-winning author of “Sashi and The Puppy Mill Girl ” – Linda Griener — discusses the third book in her award winning educational and entertaining Sashi series that‎ teaches children how Shelties Rescue gives homeless Shelties a second chance at a happy life – and educates readers of all ages on puppy mills, rescue, and fostering. Linda is committed to helping other Shelties find their forever homes and donates a portion of the sales proceeds from the “Sashie ” series to SSPNJ.


5694d96864fe341504ccd94912f4d3b4Lisa Spector

For music lovers, Lisa Spector, co-founder of “Through a Dogs Ear,” shares how music therapy is available for the prevention and treatment of canine and feline anxiety. This cutting-edge, therapeutic music surrounds your home with beautifully effective sound. It is truly magical — Miss Olive, Francesca and. Coco love this (yes … even CoCo!!) and we especially love how it calms us! To learn more, please visit, and listen to some “pawsome” samples of music. You may even want to include this music in your pets disaster kit … keep it calm please!!!