Woof! Woof! Fawn’s sweet little sister CoCo is sharing her BFF “Pip” with Fawn while she is resting and recovering from her “ouchie”. Fawn thanks you all for your kind well wishes and is sending you lots and lots of love and a weekend filled with loving and heartfelt hugs and kisses – wishing everyone a very  “Happy Friday”!

Sisters, Frannie, CoCo and Fawn, hope that you will be joining them tomorrow for “The Doggy Diva Show”! Please listen to us on:

This Week’s Pawsome Guests:

🐾 Monica Leighton: Pet Tip of the Week – Fun advice on why dogs do “zoomies”. (‎www.propetsitting.net)

🐾 Kim Gaebelein: Chief M‎arketing Officer at Bil-Jac Foods offers helpful advice for pet parents about the benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition for their dogs. (www.bil-jac.com)

🐾 Cate Conte : Animal lover and best selling author introduces the release of her latest cozy mystery “Gone But Not Furgotten” in the pop‎ular “Cat Cafe Mystery Series”.(www.cateconte.com

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