Woof! Woof! Miss Olive is sending lots of love and wishes everyone a very “Happy Friday” 💕🐾

She hopes you will join her on Saturday for this week’s The Doggy Diva Show!

Please listen to us on:

This Week’s Pawsome Guests:

🐾 Monica Leighton: Pet Tip Of the Week: Tips for pets and pet parents  during “Allergy Awareness  Month” (www.propetsitting.net‎)

🐾 Kim Gaebelein:Senior Marketing Director at Bil-Jac ‎Foods offers helpful advice on responsible pet parenting (www.bil-jac.com)
🐾 Jay Michaelson:‎ Founder of  “Hands on Gloves” shares it’s benefits for bathing and grooming of pets and large animals.(www.handsongloves.com)
‎Miss Olive’s award winning  children’s book “Miss Olive  Finds Her Furever Home ”  is available in soft cover and hardcover online at Barnes and Noble at http://bit.ly/BNMissOliveFindsHerFureverHome and “paws it forward” to homeless and special needs pets (like Miss Olive)!

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