‎Woof! Woof! Miss Olive is sending lots of love, hugs  and kisses wishing everyone a very safe and “Happy Friday”‎!‎ Miss Olive hopes that you join her tomorrow for “The Doggy Diva Show”! 💕🐾

Miss Olive loves going to work (using her good pup manners!) with her mommy and hopes that you enjoy a fun day at work with your pups today on “Take Your Dog To Work Day”!  Mommy stocked up Miss Olive’s pretty pup carrier with some healthy  “Yummy Comb” treats, fun toys, comfy blankets and whoo-hoo – she is good to go – yay!!

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This Week’s Pawsome Guests:

🐾 Monica Leighton – Pet Tip of the Week: Moving to a new home safely with your pets.(www.propetsitting.net)

‎🐾 Joe Roetheli: Founder of Pets Best Life , pet product innovator and the inventor of “Yummy Combs” introduces  the worlds best, most nutritious  flossing treat for dogs supporting dental health, joint health and overall wellness. The innovative “Yummy Combs” honeycomb designed treat is available in 5 sizes to safely align with your dogs weight.‎(www.petsbestlife.com)

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