Woof! Woof! Miss Olive is sending lots of love, hugs and kisses wishing everyone a very safe and “Happy Friday”!‎ Miss Olive hopes that you join her tomorrow for “The Doggy Diva Show”! 💕🐾

🌈 Please join Miss Olive in remembering the many beloved pet companions who are ‎no longer with us today on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day”. 🌈

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This Week’s Pawsome Guests:

🐾 Monica Leighton – Pet Tip of the Week:  Animal advocacy within communities .(www.propetsitting.net)

‎‎‎🐾 Nancy Willerton DVM: Founder and COO of Maranda Veterinary Laboratories premiers ClueJay by Maranda- offering testing at home for your dog or cat. (www.cluejay.com)

🐾 Claire Mardesich: Partner ‎and Vice President of Product Development at Alpine Outfitters – makers of handcrafted and high quality gear for working and active dogs. (www.alpineoutfitters.net)

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